Myrtle Beach Area Airports

With three airports in the area, you have choices on how you get here.

Myrtle Beach International Airport, Myrtle Beach, SC

MYR services the greater Myrtle Beach area, having about 2.5 million passengers fly with us. We are full service airport, with large airlines offered such as Spirit, American Airlines, Delta, Alleigant, United Airlines and more! If you are wondering if a particular airline has flights to MYR please check with them directly. Coming and going is a breeze as we are a smaller airport, offering shops, restaurants, dog amenities and more. You know you are here when you see the palm trees!

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Wilmington Airport, Wilmington, NC

83 miles, about 2 hours and 5 minutes

ILM is just North of Myrtle Beach, and a short drive to the area. With many amenities, just as an art gallery and a putting green, you will have a fun time at the airport. Major airlines that fly in and out of ILM are American Airlines, Delta and United.

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Georgetown Airport, Georgetown, SC

40 miles, about 1 hour and 6 minutes

KGGE is a local airport servicing smaller aircrafts and private planes. Take a step back in time to a different era of air travel when landing at this historic 1940’s airport. A rich history can be seen inside the airport and by the hangers that line the grounds. Come see for yourself and explore our region!

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Charleston International Airport, Charleston, SC

106 miles, About 2 hours and 29 minutes

CHS is a large commercial airport just south of Myrtle Beach. Flying in and out is easy, and the drive up to the Grand Strand is scenic. Major airlines flying in and out of CHS are American Airlines, US Airways, Delta, Jet Blue, United, and more. Featuring many local and large restaurants and shopping, your time here will be enjoyed.

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