Maintain Control: Control Your Body, Not Vice Versa

Ever feel like your swings are totally out of control? Does it ever seem like there”s someone else swinging your clubs for you because the results are never what you expect? Body position is a huge key to many different sports. Could Michael Phelps glide through the water without his body position knowledge? Could Serena Williams save half of the shots she does without her excellent ability to maneuver her body into the necessary positions? Golf is no different. Believe it or not, your body position controls more than half of your golf game.

Successful draws and fades are just two shots that rely entirely on body control. Your body focus should be on the position of your right arm and your club’s shaft during follow through. To effectively hit a draw, make sure your right arm and the shaft of your club line up in a straight line. For a fade, your right arm and shaft should form a ninety degree angle all the way to the finish.

A backswing is key, however, for your shots such as the draws and fades. For your backswing, focus more on a halfway back position. Your left arm should be parallel to the ground with your left wrist flat, not bowed. Your club’s shaft should be pointed directly at the ball. Watch your right elbow position. Golfers tend to let this last body part slip away from them. For this swing, make sure your right elbow is still in front of your body this position is crucial as a backswing position can determine the entirety of what you can do with the golf ball.

With these tips, your draws and fades will become great shot-making tools. You’ll find it much easier, less of a headache, to control your shots.